Thursday, February 25, 2010

Told you it's going to happen!
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This is how much we love you Bryan!

Happy Birthday! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I don't ever wanna love another
You'll always be my thunder

Happy 25th Birthday Bryan Donahue! :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

You know, I never really know the true meaning of this quote until today. I'm thankful for everything that has happened to me these past few months. I never believe that dreams can actually come true. It'll take you on a journey beyond your wildest imagination and when you're back down on earth, you'll have a different perception in life.

So what happens after your dreams came true?
You live.

Monday, February 8, 2010

It's all worth it :)


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Contented :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boys Like Girls

Until this day, I am still speechless about the events that happened to me more than a week ago. So, please excuse my lack of words for this post as I attempt to explain the most epic night of my life. Well, basically the highlights of the most epic night of my life.

Highlight Number 1
Thanks to @sonymusicmy and Yoke Shan, I actually had the chance to meet up with Boys Like Girls officially. Basically, all we had to do was to download "Two is Better Than One" as our caller ringtone and then DM our name and number to Sony's twitter account. I DM-ed rather late because I was working and I could not access my twitter at that moment but I didn't want to give up the chance of trying. I still remember the night before Sony announced the winners where Shan and I were talking and joking around about winning.
"If one of us really win right, we have to buy lottery ticket okay? I mean just imagine! There are so many fans out there and they are only picking 5 at random"

So the next day, I was waiting anxiously for Sony to call but I wasn't that lucky. All I could say to console myself was the fact that I could still attend the concert. I mean, at least I could still see the boys! Near or far, it doesn't matter :) As long as I can still see Bryan, I'm happy :). So after successfully consoling myself, I went on to Twitter to check the winners and the first name I saw was

I literally screamed in the office! She won! I quickly called her and express my desperate-ness to meet the boys. At first there were some complications but Shan agreed to bring me in the end! *Thank you so much babe <3*Sorry if I annoyed you kay? I just had to make sure I wasn't dreaming*

Before I knew it, the most epic night of my life was here! I met Shan at the venue and we checked out the stage. It was super awesome! We lingered around the area before meeting with the Sony people at the main entrance. They briefed us a little while before we were brought to this room above the concert area, We were told that we were not allowed to take pictures with our own cameras and also ask them for autographs. Honestly, I didn't mind! All I wanted to do was to hug Bryan and pass him the gift I made for him. So it was all good :) We waited at the place for 15 minutes or so before the guys appeared. My heart was thumping like crazy! The Sony group was the first group to go in and I was third in line! A little while later, we were asked to go in.

Highlight Number 2
The first person I saw was John. I looked at him and said "Hi John!" He pointed back at me and said "Hi!" *He sounded as if he remembered me and Shan because we actually waited at their hotel lobby for 3-4 hours just to meet him when the boys were here back in October* I didn't have the time to make sure because I had to move on. The next person I saw was Martin but I did not have the chance to say hi because he was already busy hugging two girls. The next in line was Paul but I was kind of distracted because he was talking to Bryan. I went straight to Bryan and I thrust this out

Me: Hi Bryan, this is for you!
Bryan: Ohmygosh. This is awesome!
Me: I carved this myself
*Paul looks over. Shan went up to him and his attention went towards her :) *
Bryan: Thank you so much! *hugs*
Me: OMGOMGOMG *in my head*
Bryan: I can't wait to go back and show the rest of the guys! Can you hold this for me for a second? *passes the wood thingy to one of his bodyguards/tech person.
Bodyguard/Tech person: *looked at the wood thing* Oh wow. this is cool!
Bryan: *turns back to me* That is very sweet of you *smiles*
Me: *melts*

After that, we lined ourselves up to take a picture. I was in between Paul and Bryan for a split second before the line moved so I kinda lost Paul *though I am not complaining, as long as I get Bryan, it's more than enough*. Before I knew what was going on, someone cut the line and went straight to Bryan! I was pushed towards the back so I was pretty much covered by Bryan and the person next to him.

I was busy sulking at the back when suddenly Bryan turned around and saw my =( face! *Okay, I got to admit I was pretty embarrassed* He was so sweet to walk towards the back to where I was standing so I was next to him again!
After that, it was picture time! Bryan placed his hand on my shoulder and I was grabbing his waist like no other. It got even better when I felt that his hand was actually squeezing my shoulder! Talk about being in heaven *wink*

After the picture was over, the guards were asking us to go. I was pretty scared when I saw this huge bodyguard coming towards my direction but before that guard came over, Bryan turned around and he said these words

"Come here"
and he gave me another tight hug!
*Come to think of it, I am not 100% sure whether he added "give me a hug" after "Come here" but as far as I can remember, I think he did. But I rather not bold it because I'm not sure sure about it*

I think I died and went to heaven at that moment. *laughs*
As I was hugging him, all I could say was "Thank you so much" and then I stoned for a little while. After that, I went off because the guards were coming. When all of us came down, we took a group picture and off we went back into the venue to enjoy the concert.


Highlight Number 3
The concert was awesome! I was hoping that they would start off with I've Got A Feeling mashed up with Love Drunk, like how they did during their OP tour and they really did! My spot was rather strategic; right in front of the spot light. So basically, that light was shining right into my face the whole time! I had to be that retarded fan who covers half of her face just to see the boys on stage. However, I kinda have to thank that spotlight in the end! When Boys Like Girls was playing "She's Got a Boyfriend Now", Martin was walking around the stage. He walked towards my side while he was singing. I was looking at him right in the eye when I suddenly realised he was looking back and he pointed at me and smiled while he sang "Everything's going to be alright". I was actually covering half of my face at that moment because the light was shining like crazy! Martin Johnson actually pointed at me! I turned around and looked at my friend

Me: Did he just pointed at me?
Friend: Yeah
Me: O_O *screammms*

Highlight Number 4
Martin was busy talking to the crowd and I saw Bryan standing on stage so I decided to scream his name and wave like a jakun to get his attention. He saw me and he actually smiled like this
and waved back! *died and went back to heaven again* :)

Highlight Number 5
The concert was over but the rest of the boys were throwing their guitar picks, towels and drumsticks to the crowd. I wanted Bryan's guitar pick so I was reaching out my hand to catch it but I couldn't reach it. Martin then came along and started throwing Bryan's guitar picks for him and I was screaming Martin's name so that he can come towards my side of the stage. He did in the end and he threw the last pick to the crowd. I saw it flying over my head so I scrambled towards that direction and I got this from the floor.

So there you go! The most epic night of my life :) All of this could not have happened without @sonymusicmy, Nokia Music Malaysia, Shan and Boys Like Girls. So, thank you soo much! :)

PS: Shan, we still haven't buy our lottery ticket yet! =P

Friday, February 5, 2010

This is how I start off my new year

*Photo courtesy of Nokia Music Malaysia