Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Dear Lecturers and my used-to-be-hardworking-self

I'm sorry if I seem like I'm in a daze or I'm not paying attention this whole week. I promise I'll be back my old self once Friday is over :)

With love,

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I was going through some videos on Youtube when I found this podcast thing BLG did earlier this year. Best answer ever.

Question : What is the funniest joke you've ever heard?

*Bryan, Paul and Martin stoned for a little while, trying to think*

Bryan: Knock, knock
Martin: Who's there?
Bryan: Bryan Dona-


*Paul and Martin smiled at the same time*

It's so cute, I tell you! That definitely made my night =)

PS: In case you didn't get the joke, Bryan's full name is Bryan Donahue. Figure it out :P

Sunday, September 13, 2009

World Stage :)

This is an overdue post. I don't know why I'm only blogging about it now when this happened almost a month ago. Guess I didn't have time to look through the pictures until today! =)

A lot of things happened on that particular day. I could say that I expected some of them to happen but the ones that made me so stoned were the unexpected ones! I simply don't know where to start! I guess I could tell you from the very, very beginning.

To be honest, I didn't plan to go to World Stage. I've heard local radio stations promoting this event multiple times but I wasn't interested, mainly because none of my favourite bands are performing. Not until that one particular day when they decided to announce that Boys Like Girls will be coming! Gosh. I remembered I was on the way to ballet class and I was practically freaking out when they announced the new line up. I started calling up people, asking them whether they were going for the event or not. I remembered I bugged almost everyone - especially my ballet friends, to go with me :P

So after that, I realised that the tickets weren't for sale but I had to find a way.
Quote from Rachelle:

"When I heard that Boys Like Girls will be performing, I bet Lizzie will find a way there, no matter what"

She was absolutely right! I tried asking for tickets but in the end, I purposely bought a Celcom number and uploaded 50 bucks to get them. The lady at the Xpax counter was annoyed because I was bugging her like mad in order to get more info :P

So, with tickets in hand, I was all set for the event. I planned to reach there super duper early so I could get a good spot. Satisfied! But unexpected event number one came by.

I was visiting Loke Ken at his house with Stephanie when Melia called me. All I could remember her saying was:

Do you want to interview Boys Like Girls?

Yes, I did stone for a bit before screaming YES. BLOODYHELLYES! It was like a dream come true okay. I couldn't drive back after that. Was uber excited :)

With that, I became a nervous freak for almost a week because I'm not really a people's person and my interview skills are not that good either. So there I was, researching about the band on the internet and watching their interview videos on Youtube. I actually learnt a lot about interviews. Unexpectedly :P

Eventually, August 15th came. I woke up about 8am, got ready and set off. To be honest, I was feeling rather calm and that actually scared the hell out of me! :) I reached Sunway around 10am and I went towards the lobby. Sat there for a little bit before heading upstairs to the press conference. I had to register and all and deep down, I felt that something might not go as well as I thought it would be. Lo, behold, I was right.
Some miscomunication happened and I was told that my name wasn't on the list. I was pretty bummed out but the lady told me I could still go to the press conference although I couldn't make it to the event and after party. I decided to leave that place and go back to the lobby to take a breather.

I called Carmen and I told her about it. She asked me whether I'll cry or not. I told her no, because I was still feeling..calm (told you it's freaky!) I reached the lobby, took a seat at the center piece thing and started texting like crazy. Most of my friends told me not to feel sad, but honestly I wasn't. I was just..dissapointed. I mean, I was hyped up all week, you know?

Nothing happened until Farah texted me and she said the taboo word

"I know it's bloody dissapointing"

It was then, I felt like crying. Tears were already forming in my eyes but I told myself not to be a sissy, so I stopped myself from crying. It was also then, when I decided to turn and look towards my left. I saw a blonde guy in black attire, smoking outside of the hotel. It didn't occured to me that he might be a guy from the bands that are performing until some girls stopped by him and took a picture. He was wearing sunnies, so I had a hard time, trying to recognise him. He came into the lobby and he walked past where I was sitting. I was busy looking out for familiar tattoos on his arm when I spotted the album cover of Boys Like Girls and the hook tattoo that the band got recently. It then hit me.

That's Bryan Donahue

I stood up and I was actually thinking whether I should take a picture with him or not. In the end, I decided to! So I went up to him with my camera in hand. He was signing some stuff for some girls when I poked him lightly on his shoulder and asked for a picture.

Me: Uh, Bryan? Can I take a picture with you?

Bryan: *turns around* Yeah..sure!

He had that warm and friendly tone. I was actually dead surprised because he was the cool one in the interviews.

Well, I didn't have anyone with me at the moment so I handed him my camera and he took the picture. I could remember some of his blonde hair being in view of my left eye. :P

After that, he handed back the camera to me and I didn't know bloodyhell why I stretched my arms out. I actually practiced asking them for a hug back home but I was actually speechless when I met him. And yes, he hugged me!

Unexpected event number two came rolling by.

I always expect celebrities to just pat you on the back or something when they hug you, so I didn't expect much when I hugged him. Imagine how shocked I was when I felt that the hug was getting tighter! Gosh. The plus point of this was I am only around an inch shorter than him. I can never ever forget the way he hugged me. No one has ever hug me that way before. Best hug I've ever received from a guy, period!

So after that, he left and I went back to my place. I was sitting there for a bit and then I saw a familiar guy standing by the reception area. Guess who it was? It was Paul DiGiovanni! :)
I practically ran over to him and asked him for a picture. The conversation was pretty similar to Bryan's and I handed him the camera too. He had to bend down a little because he's much much taller than me :)

I was waiting for Martin Johnson to come down and he eventually did. I tried taking a picture with him but his security guards were being a pain in the ass and Martin actually cock-stared me for no reason, apparently. Quite a turn off, to be honest. I gave up trying to take a picture with him and I just went up to the press conference place.

On the way to the lift, John Keefe came down and he was all alone. I was pretty scared so I didn't go up to him. So I went towards the lift straightaway. Before that, I met Raygun at the reception area too, but I didn't know who they were at that time, so I didn't take a picture :(

While waiting for the lift to come, I met Andy from Estranged. We went into the same lift :) Guess who was in the lift as well? VJ Utt from MTV!

My goodness, I've never seen someone so gorgeous okay! Gosh, when the lift doors opened, the first person I saw was him! He's very nice :)

Totally smitten and totally terrified, I went into the lift and I realised I was the only girl in that elevator! I reached the press conference floor and slipped out :P

Basically, after that, I was stopped by countless of security guards because I didn't have a pass. Never felt so famous before! :P Other than that, everything was pretty cool. I waited at the lounge area for the thing to start when I saw Martin walking right in front of me. Still feeling shocked and turned off at the stare he gave, I just stood there, stoning.

Then, they let us in to the eating area where the press can eat before entering. I stood next to the washroom exit (I don't even know why) and I saw more famous people. Apparently, the washroom exit is a very strategic spot! I saw VJ Taya and VJ Denise. Utt went to the washroom as well :P

Someone tapped me on my shoulder and said "excuse me miss". I apologised and stepped aside. Apparently, it was that silly security guard who thought I would kidnap Martin if I were to take a picture with him. And you guessed it! Martin was right behind him, but I didn't ask for a picture though x)

With all that done, they finally let us in. I stood at the photographers' line and took some pictures :) Sorry for the low quality. I only had my compact camera with me and I had to be the awkward one who takes pictures after the other photographers are done. Their multiple flashes are absolutely blinding and if I take the picture the same time as them, my picture will turn out all dark! :P


Another shot of them

Special guest - 2AM

2AM with the VJ from Korea



Pixie Lott

She's so pretty :) Can you believe she's only 18?

And since I'm a huge fan of Boys Like Girls, I'll be a bit bias here :P

Martin, Bryan, Paul and a half of John :)

BLG :)

Paul, what were you looking at? :P

John took off his sunnies! Finally!

Bryan is too cute :) LMAO at his expression. Poolie is cute too!

Ooh! John is looking over here! :P


The All American Rejects! Tyson and his tea :P

They're really funny

More tea for Tyson :P


Group Pic

Bryan's looking over here! I caught his eye twice I think, throughout the whole thing

Another one

Ooo..Yii Pyin's cutie in white and green scarf from Raygun is looking over here too! :)

After the press conference was over, I lingered around the lounge area for a little while before I headed back down. I reached the lobby and I decided to message Chuen to ask her about her whereabouts. Ding ding ding! Unexpected event number three decided to swing by.

I was messaging Chuen while I was walking towards the exit. While I was doing so, I looked up. Guess who I saw walking towards me? None other than Bryan! He was walking all by himself. No idiotic securities in sight! I didn't know what to do or say, so I just looked down at my phone and continued on walking. He was wearing his sunnies at that moment, so I didn't know whether he was looking over or not! I know. I can be super awkward at times, it's just plain ridiculous! Ugh!

Anyway, I met up with Chuen, Yii Pyin and Jon and we headed over to the Surf Beach. We got pretty good spots. Third row from the front of Red Zone :) Everything was going well but there was this girl in yellow who I think is just too energetic. Apparently, she is a huge fan of Boys Like Girls because whenever The Great Escape video was played on the big screen, she would scream her lungs out to the lyrics! Every single time! Chuen and I were telling each other that she should keep the energy for the real thing, but no! She was screaming her head off.

So, Estranged came out and started their set. The girl started dancing like she was in a club or something. To a rock song -.-
Honestly! Hahaha

She was still dancing away when suddenly she started screaming "OMG IT'S BOYS LIKE GIRLS OMG OMG OMG"
Chuen and I thought the video was being played again when we noticed that she was waving to someone in front. We craned our necks to see who that was, when that girl decided to move her head to the side. Guess who I saw this time? I hope you say it's Bryan because I did! Again! Hahaha. He was waving and smiling towards our direction. :)

Overall, the event was pretty good! I had so much fun although we were pushed around like crazy!

Okay now, this is one super duper long post!
I'll be back soon! Till then~

PS: Thank you Melia for the opportunity! :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

I realised that I am very, VERY uptight about things. Maybe it's because those things matter alot to me. Take ballet for example.

I couldn't freaking do my pirouettes at the bar. I was so frustrated with myself, I practically slammed my hands on the bar for support. I couldn't understand the reason why my pirouettes at the bar sucked so bad while my double pirouettes at the centre are fine.


I nearly cried. My face was uber red and I had tears in my eyes. Carmen and Celine saw me but they didn't say anything to me because they know I'll cry my heart out if they do so. I needed to achieve my pirouettes because my exam is on Monday!

Carmen told me to stop tearing because she said it'll make her cry too *huggles*

Eventually, they told me that maybe I was too cautious. Too uptight about doing it right. It was then I realised that I was actually a bit too hard on myself these past few weeks. I needed to calm down and take things easy.

I need to let go

It's alright
because there is beauty in the breakdown
Let Go -- Frou Frou

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Aiyoh, budak ini sangat comel lah.
Geram saya tengok muka dia ni.


Happy 09/09/09 peeps!

PS: I miss Bryan's super-tight-hug!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

When I woke up this morning, I told myself that today will be different. I will start anew ( I know it's weird but I have this thing for starting anew when the year is ending )

I will leave my past behind and move forward. No more daydreams, no more detours. I'll focus on my goal and work towards it. I cannot afford to sidetrack now.

I won't allow myself to sidetrack now.

Anyways, I went for a hike with my uncle, aunt and cousins today. Nothing spells "anew" than spending some quality time with nature. The trail was pretty tough, but I managed to hike about a quarter of the hill. My cousins and I kept looking back towards the trail we took.I thought it was quite low but I was amazed when I looked back down, We were actually quite high up. Buildings from the city could be seen, from the place we stood. My cousins and I rested for a little while before we decided to go back. Going down was also a challenge as some abseiling skills were required when we reached the steep bits. They even tied some ropes to ease our journey back down.

After that, uncle decided to take us for a ride around the hill. We wound the car windows down to enjoy the scenery and fresh air. Having the wind whipping you in the face is one of the best feeling I've had in these few days. I felt
A tremendous change from all the stress and work I had to go through every single day of the week.

Reached home not long after. Here I am now, blogging - after I told myself not to access the internet today. Tells you the level of my will power, huh.

Well, my uncle and aunt told me they will go back another day to hike up the hill again. This time, they will hike until the top before descending back. I told them I'll join them.

Maybe this time, I can actually hike up the hill without looking back at all.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ballet Examiner

John Bryne
(No matter how you pronounce it, it still sounds like Bryan to me)

You'll definitely remind me of Bryan and John of BLG!
Please pass me in my ballet exam, okay?
*crosses fingers*

With that settled,
All I need to know now is the name of that cute guy who's on telly.

Maybe it's Paul Martin?


If only he could sign this
*dreamy sigh*

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I know you can make it through
Because I believe in you
So let's go put up a fight
Let's go make everything alright
Go on and take a shot
Go give it all you've got.

Get up and go
Take a chance and be strong
Or you could spend your whole life
Holding on~

Best song I've heard all week.
And yes, I'm aware that it's only Wednesday

Thank you, Boys Like Girls :)