Friday, June 26, 2009


Enough is enough.

I never appreciate the way you look at me. Scratch that, I never appreciate you at all. Don't give me that look just because I am not as "sporting" as you.
Please don't act cool. It's so last year. Ever heard of being yourself? Wait.. Maybe you are being your yourself after all? The false "cool" expression.

Just because you're "smart" doesnt mean that you can look at people that way. Don't talk to me as if you're one notch higher than me. Has your mom ever taught you manners?
Guess not

Monday, June 22, 2009


Dear future-self,

Never give up on your dreams

x Liz :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

No title? :)

Had ballet from 12pm to 3.30pm. Changed from demi-pointe to pointe countless times.
The result of that? *grins*
The blister on my left big toe is the size of Jupiter! Not kidding.
Next week's rehersal will be from 12.30pm to 4.00pm. Wish me luck :/

Holidays have just started but I still have to finish up my Moral assignment and Photography assignment. Ugh!
Can't wait till July comes. I'll be really free then :)

Ballet exam fees are RM800. Talk about pressure? Haha.
Okay, I'll stop right here before I start mumbling nonsense that may seem like it makes sense but actually it doesn't.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Crazy Conversation

I was on the way out to my aunt's place when my father and I had this conversation

Father : It's better if we bring back the food for your brother first. Like that, we can eat slowly.
Me: Okay, but not too slowly. I have to come back and read my notes. I have exams tomorrow, remember?
Father: See, last minute only read. Sure burn the midnight oil.
Me: No, I'm not doing that. It's not even midnight yet :p

I can feel my brain's juice seeping out from my ears. Honest! I seriously can't wait for exams to be over!
Freedom until August? Hello summer vacation!

Well, have to sleep soon. Have to wake up at 5am to read 2 more lectures.

PS: See,father. I'm not burning the midnight oil. I'm burning the...morning oil? :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Faithful Friends

Had Wendy's for lunch :) Quarter pounder with extra cheese!
Yes, please

Today's rehersal was okay. We get to relax a little more than usual! The dance is half done. A lot of lifts and spins for the rest, but not for me! I was quite pleased because I can never lift another person with the same weight. Haha. I think I might just fall off the stage.

I absolutely love my ballet friends :) According to Carmen, the 5 of us are like a package. This is her interpretation of us *grins*

This is Carmen Wong. She labels herself as the cryer? Haha :p You're not a cryer okay. Never will be. :)

This is Celine Lee. She's the one who always cheers you up with her jokes and laughter. :D

This is Charmaine Ho. She's the listener of the group. If you have problems and you want someone to listen to you, find her! She's the best :)

This is Elaine Nevis. According to Carmen, she is the "mind reader" She knows what your problems are before you can even tell her :)

Last but not least, there's me! Haha. Carmen says that I am the sensible one. I knock sense into people ;)
So, there you have it, the 5 of us!

Celine introduced me to Hell's Kitchen on Facebook and I can't stop playing it. Ridiculously addictive.
Will attempt to study after dinner and a hot shower.

Wish me luck! :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Rickety Reaction

Yesterday was a bit...blah
I had multiple emotions running through me, one after the other. I was happy, sad, angry, freaking frustrated, and back to happy again. It all started from Mr.Low's expression

I am so tired being the average one. I want to be good at something for a change. I hate comparing myself with others but I just can't help comparing, you know?. I hate that stewpid feeling. Ugh!

Change subject. I went home at 7pm, ate, bathe and started watching the telly around 8.30pm. MTV Movie Awards was on and honestly, I was fed up seeing Twilight winning almost every award there is. There are still many other good movies you know! Although I do have to admit I was a wee bit excited when Robert Pattinson came on! :) but you can't compare that when Harry Potter came on! I was practically jumping like a mad woman at the living room :/

Okay now. I need to hit the sack soon! Sleep tight
Don't let Robert Pattinson bite?
Hah :)

PS: You know, I do realise that we don't live to impress people. What matters most is that I know for the fact that I've tried my best. I'm sure someone will find that impressive eventually :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Brilliant Beginning

Hey low :)
Yes, you caught me red-handed! I've decided to start anew again

However, there are some changes in this blog compared to the rest I had for I will be writing longer posts and I'll be updating more frequently :)
More rants and unfortunate events for your reading pleasure!

Well, I do have to ask you to bear with me if I'm not as organized as I look. In fact, I am not even an organized person to begin with. Just ask my room!

Speaking of my room, it is currently under construction as I am shifting into the next room. My dad painted the walls already so all I need now is a spanking new bed (which I will be getting it this week *grins*)

Anywho, anyhow. It's 5.46pm and I have to leave at 6.00pm for ballet! Rehersals for paquita will be until 9pm tonight!

Speaking of dancing, I DO HOPE that Mr. Low will accept the fonteyn's background because honestly, I don't know where else I can find a theater and if I do, it will be very tedious! Not to mention, I really want to do a ballet shoot :)

Cross your fingers for me please!

Okay now, got to run! Keep your hairnets on for me till I come back, will you?

x Liz