Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dear Alvina

This post is dedicated to a very special friend of mine :)
Alvina, I hope you'll like this.

Dear Alvina,

This whole year has definitely been one big adventure. We were never really close back in college but who would have known that two years later, you became one of my closest friends. I know there are tons of ups and downs while we are here but I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the experiences we faced because you were here with me.
I just want to say thank you for everything for the past year because if you weren't there for me, I think I would have gone crazy already.

Thank you for listening to my loony rants and for calling me whenever I messaged you.
Thank you for introducing me some awesome make-up and being my consultant :P
Thank you for accompanying me whenever I am too scared to talk to a lecturer or ask someone for something.
Thank you for accompanying me to Hogwarts during my birthday and thank you for the cake!
Thank you for putting up with me because I know that sometimes I can get quite crazy :)

I will never forget the times where we would go shopping together, our stressful assignment times and how we would always have Subway whenever we go to Cambridge's town centre

All in all, I would never have enjoyed whatever we went through without you.
I'm quite sad that you're going back home so soon :(
Take care and have a safe flight okay?

I'll miss you

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